Energy Medicine and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) are rapidly becoming recognized as a fast, simple and effective way to create balance, clarity, health and aliveness! Using both of these modalities you can easily shift old patterns to bring healing, joy and success into your life.

In 2007 Dr. Oz on Oprah said that “Energy Medicine is the future of Medicine.” I believe we are already there.

How does Energy Medicine work? Every organ, thought, feeling, condition, has a unique energy or vibration. Dis-ease can be looked at as an imbalance or disruption in the body’s normal energy pattern. Energy medicine uses simple techniques to engage the body’s 9 energy systems. These techniques channel energy to shift imbalances, blocks, a lack or excess of energy to move your body, mind and spirit back into balance or as I prefer to say…Flow.

As you create flow your body begins to heal. Then the old stories around all aspects of your life, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, transform at a deep cellular level. Energy Medicine and EFT are effective strategies to help achieve the quality of life and success you desire.

My name is Lari Ward and I am an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner. I creatively integrate Energy Psychology techniques such as EFT with Energy Medicine to shift deeply ingrained patterns. My clients love this work and experience life changing results.

Whether you are stressed with your job, have health limitations, struggle with relationships or want to become younger in mind, body and spirit, Energy Medicine can be a transformative path for you.

To your radiance and success!


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