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My passion is to help people live empowered healthy lives and to provide powerful mentorship to entrepreneurs and emerging leaders that are ready to breakthrough boundaries and embrace abundance and success in all areas of their lives. I do this by guiding you through your own personal renaissance to shift old stories, patterns, and beliefs using the power of energy medicine and energy psychology tools.

This transformational energy work helps people re-calibrate their lives for clarity, vitality, abundance and joy. I help you uncover your gifts and achieve success in all areas of your life.

I am a highly-intuitive practitioner, business coach, and teacher and love watching my clients have ah-ha moments.  My workshops are always fun, enlightening and transformational.  I have had the honour of being one of the co-authors with Jack Canfield of the book Success Breakthroughs.   


Every road I have walked in my life and career has brought me to new vistas, new adventures, and new people. I have had 3 major careers, have two grown sons, designed and built a house as well as a cabin that is off the grid. I am an award-winning photographer and love the joy of capturing the essence of the subject of my photos.  I have travelled the world, shared happy times and had my share of tragedy. Now every day brings more joy, wonderment and a love of the journey.

I graduated as a registered nurse from St Paul’s School of Nursing in Vancouver, BC, and following this attended the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. After being an ICU nurse and watching the disempowerment of patients and staff, I created an innovative management consulting practice and worked with hospitals, clinics and physicians to create pioneering and progressive solutions for their vision of the future.

I have always been a consummate learner and never satisfied with status quo as a way of being.  By 2002, I had become disillusioned with the bureaucracy in healthcare.  On a whim, I asked an 84 year old/young wise woman what I was supposed to be doing with my life. She said, “Why you are all about Energy, come watch these videos,” and I did. That was the beginning of studying Eden Energy Medicine with Donna Eden, world renowned Energy Healer and author of the book Energy Medicine. I left my consulting business of 28 years and followed my heart and passion.

I am a Certified Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, and a senior faculty member for the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program.  For the past 15 years, I have been dedicated to practicing and teaching Eden Energy Medicine and mentoring entrepreneurs.

I have taught and worked in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Kenya, New Zealand, and Australia. My most exhilarating experience was teaching children in Kenya how to balance their energies.

Your Energy Matters in all you think and do.

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